Member Benefits & Resources
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Benefits ACM Student Membership including:


  1. Access to online courses, online books and training videos via ACM Learning Center
  2. Electronic subscription to Communications of the ACM magazine
  3. Electronic subscription to XRDS magazin
  4. Free e-mentoring services from MentorNet  
  5. Access to ACM's new highly targeted Career & Job Center
  6. Electronic subscription to ACM CareerNews (twice monthly)
  7. ACM e-news digest TechNews (tri-weekly)
  8. ACM's monthly online newsletter MemberNet
  9. Free "" email forwarding address plus filtering

Yearly Rate: $19 (USD)

ACM Student Chapter Membership including:

  1. Professional contacts: Activities of student chapters, such as lecturer appearances and chapter participation at any of the numerous conferences, afford the opportunity to meet distinguished computing professionals.
  2. Technical and professional growth: Student chapter sponsorship of, or participation in, programs consisting of papers, debates, panel discussions and forums provide clear opportunity for augmented learning and development.
  3. Development of leadership capabilities: Opportunities for development and demonstration of leadership capabilities in the formation, growth, and sustenance of a student chapter. In addition to the various chapter offices, there are opportunities for chairing committees, conferences or symposia, organizing programming contests, coordinating professional development seminars, and leading panel discussions and round tables, to name just a few.
  4. Career development: The chapter can help its members select and prepare for a careers by creating graduate school forums. In addition, the student chapter can help locate and organize summer opportunities and internships by working with the department and career center to find and fill part-time and summer employment opportunities.
  5. Representation in the Association: A student chapter acting as a group, through the Chapters Advisory Committee, may influence ACM activities or policy and, therefore, the profession.

Yearly Rate: $11 (USD)

Total Yearly Rate:  $19 (USD) OR $30 (USD)=$19 (USD) + $11 (USD)





A Kinect sensor was available to use for any projects from September 2012 to October 2014.

The Kinect SDK includes Windows 7 compatible PC drivers for Kinect device. It provides Kinect capabilities to developers to build applications with C++, C# or Visual Basic by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and includes following features:

  1. Raw sensor streams: Access to low-level streams from the depth sensor, color camera sensor, and four-element microphone array.
  2. Skeletal tracking: The capability to track the skeleton image of one or two people moving within the Kinect field of view for gesture-driven applications.
  3. Advanced audio capabilities: Audio processing capabilities include sophisticated acoustic noise suppression and echo cancellation, beam formation to identify the current sound source, and integration with the Windows speech recognition API.
  4. Sample code and Documentation.


Research and Development(R&D) Office

 Our Faculty Sponsor provides a place in his office, where students will be able to conduct research and project teams. The R&D Office will also serve as a working place of all people involved in chapter and in e-Society Student Research Group projects.



Software Resources



Thanks to an agreement with Microsoft(MS), BUES students can obtain free licenses to a variety of Microsoft products. The MS Imagine (Premium) website is the gateway to these resources. In order to download the software, you have to obtain an account to use the system. Please fill in this Registration Form




Our Faculty Sponsor is a IBM Academic Initiative member, so chapter students can obtain free licenses to a variety of IBM products. The IBM Academic Initiative website is the gateway to these resources.





Oracle Excellence Center - BUES was founded in 1999 when a collaboration protocol was signed between The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (BUES), IBM and Oracle, establishing its location in room 2017. Its main objective is to enable teachers and students access to software products, technologies, materials and documentation necessary for preparing courses and practical seminars that use Oracle components - Oracle Academy.    

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